Energy System Test Week

We’ll be testing the three primary energy systems of the body that our muscles use to generate muscle activity this week: the phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative. When you’re in class for a test WOD it’s very important to enter all of your times, weights, and/or modifications. When we do these WODs again the week of 1/4/16 you’ll want to use the exact same implements for the most accurate test results.

Here’s what you can expect this week:

Monday – Glycolytic Energy System Test
The glycolytic energy system is utilized during high intensity activities lasting anywhere from 20 seconds to 2-3 minutes. It is an “anaerobic” activity, which means it creates energy in the absence of oxygen. When we’re working in the glycolytic energy pathway you can bet we won’t be doing it for too long.  The goal time for each round of Monday’s test WOD is between :45-1:15. In order to achieve maximum benefit and properly test the glycolytic pathway, you’ll want to move fast! Scale your weights accordingly to ensure you maintain proper mechanics. If you’re not sure what weight or implement to use, just ask your Coach!

Wednesday – Phosphagen Energy System Test
The phosphagen pathway is the primary energy system used for activities lasting only very brief periods of time, between :02-:10, and often produce very high levels of power. Examples of this would be an all out 50m sprint, or a 3 rep max touch-n-go power clean. Interestingly enough, the latter example is exactly what we’ll be testing! Because the phosphagen pathway is only available for such a short window, the touch-n-go speed is critical. This means it will likely not be as heavy as a normal 3 rep power clean, but that’s OK because we’re looking for power AND speed on Wednesday. You’ll want to get to a weight that allows you to move with explosiveness while still hitting your positions and catching with elbows up and hips back. There will be an additional WOD after this as well.

Saturday – Oxidative Energy System Test
As the name suggests, the oxidative energy systems creates energy while blood oxygen is available, most commonly know as aerobic exercise (aka. Cardio!). Work in the oxidative pathway is generally done at a lower level of intensity, and can last for much longer than the previous two energy systems. Examples of these would be running a 5k, or a nice, long 20:00 AMRAP… Something like the classic CrossFit Girl WOD, Cindy. Yeah, Cindy sounds good for our oxidative test. 

After this week, the remaining month of December will feature WODs focused on increasing your efficiency in each of the these energy systems. We will then re-test these exact workouts the week of January 4, 2016. Happy testing!


Congrats to Coach Poach's most recent group of On Rampers. Please welcome Mike, Katelyn, Kali, Samantha, Luis, and David (aka the spy) the nex time you see them in class!

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