6th Annual Rowing Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Rowing will kick into full force starting tomorrow, TURKEY DAY!  

Gina celebrating her 2014 finish with a little post-100K cocktail!

The CFNH 6th annual Holiday Rowing Challenge starts on Thanksgiving Day.  You have from Turkey Day to Christmas Eve to row 100,000 meters.  

It seems easy, but it takes time and planning to make sure you row what you need to and fit it all into the holiday season.  Make sure you are signed up at C2 with a login so you can track those meters.  Some of you are all ready on the team from last year.

During the challenge in 2014, there was also a Paleo Challenge.  Chris Ann used everything she had for her Team 5K.

And what's your fastest 5K?  Meredith Killion was nationally ranked in 2014 for her 5K time during the 100,000 meter challenge.  

Rowing Classes for December

Coach Carla will be coaching rowing classes on the following days during the challenge at 6:30PM:  Thursday December 3rd, and Wednesday's December 9, 16, 23.  All meters rowed during those classes can contribute to the 100K.

Classes are free for all unlimited members.  If you want to add the rowing classes during December, please see Coach Poach or Coach C.


You like the rowing challenge?  How about a little 2K Sprint Challenge!  Check out the 2016 C.R.A.S.H B's.  If we have enough interest, Coach C will keep rowing classes going until the end of February.  

Crash B's with Barb Watts, of CrossFit Zenith, in 2012.  Barb placed 12th in the world that year and smoked that 2K a 7:54 finish.





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