The 6th Annual Holiday Rowing Challenge

It's that time of year again when we get on those rowers and go to 100,000 meters from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  

If you took Andy Card's Rowing Clinic last Sunday, then your ready.  If you like to just row, then you are ready.  Come anytime of the day the gym is opened, and just row.  Before your class or after your class.  There is no limitations to the amount of time or distance from Thanksgiving to Christmas with Chaunaka in between.  

Some will say they want to do it to burn the extra holiday calories that they consume.  Some do it for the technique work.  Some for the fundraising, the wonderful caveat to this challenge.  Concept 2 (The company that makes the rowers), will donate $.02 for every meter you row to water conservation charities  if you make it to 100,000 meters.  If you go over the 100,000 meters it's a $.04/meter donation.

Whatever your desires, just come in and row.  You will log your distance into the C2 LogBook for validation.  Sometimes, you will be ranked amongst all rowers in the Challenge.  In 2014, Merideth Killion found herself to have one of the fastest 5K times in the challenge.  In the gym, it gets very exciting towards the end to see who is the first to be finished and who will be on the rower Christmas Eve.  Your technique, speed and endurance will improve tremendously; especially if you come for the C2 Erg classes (see below).  There is a lot of support by your CFNH Teammates and of course, a lot of rower chattering too.  Coach Amanda's rowing/binge-watching of Hulu and Netflix on the screens will take place during some mornings.  I'm taking show requests now (post to comments below).

To sign up for the challenge you will need to create your OnLine log book Here.  The challenge is FREE to anyone who signs up.  Please list your affliate as Crossfit New Haven.  Your meter standings will be designated to our team.  If you want to purchase a log card, go to C2.  We will have the card reader for logging set up at the office computer.  For any more details or any questions, email Coach Carla


In addition, Coach Carla will be holding Rowing Classes during the week throughout the challenge.  Classes will be held on December 3 (THURS), December 9, 16, 23 (WEDNESDAYS) from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.  See Coach C if you want to get in on these classes.  Open to everyone.  Add a 3rd or 4th class for the month.  Free for unlimited members.

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