Crossover Symmetry

Wondering what those colored bands in the back room are? Have you seen some people using them? Good news! Those bands are for EVERYONE!

We would love for you to show up early to class and prepare your muscles for over head activation, or stay a few minutes late and use it to recover!

Here is a little background on Crossover Summetry:

Crossover Symmetry has been proven to effectively treat shoulder pathologies in overhead athletes as well as those in the general population. Although there are many programs and exercise routines available to sports medicine professionals, many of these programs fall short based on functionality, exercise sequence, and ease of use. Effective shoulder care programs should be: evidence and research supported, simple yet comprehensive, well structured, versatile, and address the scapula as well as the rotator cuff. These were the criteria when developing the Crossover Symmetry system.

Each Crossover Symmetry program was developed based upon EMG analysis of the shoulder musculature and the positioning of athletic movement. These exercises where then sequenced to provide scapular activation before progressing to the rotator cuff exercises, thus providing a solid foundation for the rotator cuff to function. Additionally, each phase of the system is clearly illustrated on a exercise chart enabling patients to perform the prescribed protocol with the proper resistance in the clinic or as a take home program during late stage therapy.

Crossover Symmetry uses the highest quality resistance cords with a protective covering to protect users in the case of cord breakage and increase the lifespan of the cords up to 5x that of conventional therapy cords. The Crossover Symmetry system offers a clean and professional look for any therapy or sports medicine setting and provides a brand that is recognized among athletes for its excellence in shoulder care. The Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 System is used by hundreds of rehab clinics as the recommended take home program for shoulder patients, and effectively bridges the gap between clinical rehab and sports performance.

The equipment is pretty self explanatory, with a step by step on how to use it with pictures!
If you have any questions, grab a coach and ask!

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