High School Program

Some of you may have seen our 3 High School Interns the past couple of weeks. Learn a little bit about them and the opportunity they have at CFNH! 

Ahmed Salama

My name is Ahmed Salama and I'm an intern at Crossfit. I love being active and working out. When I'm free and have nothing to do I always love hitting the gym. I haven't always been active. I was a fat child. My fitness journey started out when I reached

a weight of 200lbs. That's when I decided to make a change. I played soccer for a few years in New Haven, Branford and West Haven. I enjoyed It, especially when It helped me lose over 25lbs.

I'm originally from Alexandria, Egypt. I was born there and I lived there for only one year. Crossfit caught my eye when I saw the one near my house. It seemed so fun and it gave you a little of each type of exercise. Endurance,Strength and Bodybuilding. I'm proud to be part of Crossfit New Haven for these 3 weeks I am going to be interring in.

1.Where do you see yourself in 3­5 years?

In 3­5 years I see myself in college studying fitness and becoming a personal trainer.

2.Why do you want to be involved with that major or goal?

I want to be involved in this major/goal because I would love to have a job that has to do with fitness and being in shape. I don't want to become over weight like I was before. I also love working out and fitness for one thing. 

3.Who is your inspiration to stay active in your high school years?

The people who gave me inspiration to stay active are my parents and especially me. After I got to a 200lb body weight I got so depressed and my self esteem went down hill. I started doing a lot of cardio such as running and playing soccer with friends.

4.Whats your favorite food?

I love to eat a lot of vegetables such as broccoli,spinach and especially a salad and a lot of chicken and meats.

5.What is your favorite song/artist to listen to while working out?

I like to listen to the song Play Hard Work Hard by Wiz Khalifa and also some 50 Cent. I usually listen to Instrumentals because they get me focused and the beat motivates me.

6.What is your favorite sports moment?

My favorite sports moment was when I scored the final winning goal in one of soccer games at the finals.

Jarell Graham

11th Grade Junior

Hyde Varsity Baseball Captain

New Haven Academy

When did you start Cross fitting ?

I started Cross fitting May 11th as a junior internship graduation requirement. I always drove past Crossfit and wondered, “Whats in there? Is this an abandoned warehouse or something?” Therefore, I was very excited when i found out I was working her for three weeks.

Tell us more about yourself…

I am currently playing Varsity Baseball for “Hyde House” Its Hillhouse and Hyde combined as one team , and i've been playing baseball for 10 years now. I always played the outfield Right, Center ,or left. It doesn't matter, I can play all three. Usually in my neighborhood, everyone wants to be a basketball or a football star ,but I never heard nor met somebody with the same love and passion for baseball like me. I Love to play video games too on my xbox 1 . If you're playing me in 2k15 or madden you might as well put the controller down and say you lose!

How would i describe myself in one word ?

“Tenacious” : i chose that word because that's what i am . I DON'T GIVE UP !!! I will keep trying and trying until i complete my task. I like to push myself to the next level because anybody can be just “Good” ,but not everybody can be “GREAT” I want to be great ,and the great will do the extra to chase their dreams i life.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years ?

In college I want to major in sports medicine, while balancing my school work as a college athlete.

Why do you want to be involved in that major?

I really loves sports, so if my baseball dream doesn't work out i still want to keep myself in the sports field.

What's you favorite food: Hot pockets

What's you favorite song to work out to: “We Them Boyz” Wiz Khalifa

Favorite Sports Moment in life: When i hit a walk off home run to advance my team to state championship which we won in 2011.

Marqua Kelley

My name is Marqua Kelley.  I am on an internship here at cross fit new haven for three weeks. At first I was not too sure about cross fit New Haven.  I did not know what the place was going to be like and I did not know what the benefit was going to be, but to my surprise I get to a very friendly environment and I get to meet great people everyday. I didn’t know if I would like cross fit because all I do is lift and very little cardio. I get most of my cardio by playing basketball. I have played basketball and football for most of my life.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?
            In 3-5 years I see myself in school for business, maybe finishing it up and transitioing into the fitness world.  I will have my own belongings and I will work for everything I have.

Why do you want to get involved with that major?
            I want to get involved in business because I can do everything myself and I don’t have to work for anyone. The best part is I can use it in anyway I want. Whichever aspect of business I want, I like the idea of being versatile.

Favorite food? Is it clean?
            My favorite food is a nice cheeseburger or pancakes. No, it's not really clean, but carbs can be a good thing and protein from the burgers!

Favorite song to work out too?
            I don’t really have a favorite song, but if I had  to pick it would be “Knock Tha Hustle” by cozz ft. J.COLE

Favorite personal sports moment in your life?
            It had to be when my teammate on the Wilbur Cross Football team hit someone in mid-air soo hard that their helmet flew off their head.

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