Weekend Reading.

Some articles for this weekend…

1) A Quick Thought About Coaching People who Think They Suck

This article talks from a coaching perspective, but I think it can be applied to any position where you have authority. Change “athlete” to any child, employee, etc.

And I’m not telling you to baby your athletes. You have to push them…hard. Nobody ever became successful by being coddled. The best coaches are borderline slave drivers. But they’re also cool people who inspire everybody around them. Their athletes don’t mind working hard because they have faith in what they’re doing and who’s telling them to do it.

Some people can convince themselves that they’re pieces of s—t in ten seconds. They need somebody to believe in them. They need to find a way to build faith in themselves. They need you, and they need your help.

2) I love this article by Catalyst Athletics. I've been putting in muscle snatch in warm ups lately, and this article breaks down the different accessory movements for the Snatch. Get familiar with them!

Top 5 Assistance Exercises for the Snatch


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