“Would you jump off the bridge too?”

 Two weeks ago, I spoke about everyone being different…and that is A OK! Because of that, we move differently. Regardless of how we are built, certain principles will still be applicable.

 An athlete came up to me the other day and said, “When I do pull ups, they don't look like Johnny's….he can do so many more pull ups than I can and his legs go way further back than mine.” (I have changed the name of the athlete for their protection) Just because someone can do more, doesn't mean they're doing it right. It can be a GOOD thing to NOT look like the athlete next to you! Repetition is the key to improving…but if you are grooving a poor movement pattern, you are setting yourself up for disaster. It might not happen right away, but slowly, you are going to see things collapse.

 Literature gives different statistics on exactly how long it takes to “groove” or ingrain this pattern into our muscle memory. Some say 3,000 – 5,000 reps, others say up to 10,000 hours.
What you need to take into consideration is HOW you are performing the movement. If it's wrong, you are reinforcing the bad movement pattern. After doing that over, and over, and over again, your muscle memory learns it and repeats it. That's why when a coach comes up to you to fix it, your body feels that foreign, new pattern, and seems harder.

You now have to take 2 steps back to eventually get ahead.

If you want to get stronger, faster, and stay healthy…you need to take the steps back to correct the hours and reps you've done incorrectly.
…you might not be putting up the same weight you did with crappy form right away.
…you might have slower times than you would if you did the movement incorrectly.
…you probably won't have the top spot on the leader board for the WOD.
…you WILL get stronger.
…you WILL move more efficiently.
…you will stay healthy longer.

The saying goes, “if Johnny jumped off the bridge, would you too?”…just because one person does something one way, doesn't mean you should do what they do!
Be smart. Make good choices for your body and your mobility limitations.
Slow down now…groove a good pattern…build on it over time.

We all have health and fitness goals, but hey…if you just want to post a faster WOD time and don't care about your body long term..that's your prerogative.

For your enjoyment...My Perogative by Bobby Brown.

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