Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Angelina who has been named the November athlete of the month! The coaching staff has noticed her positive attitude, determination, and hard work in both class and OLY! Keep up the awesome work, girl! 

Name:  Angelina Dusa

Job:  I am a school counselor in a K-8 school.

Member since:  January 2, 2012

1)  How did you get started at CFNH? 

I was bored with my fitness regimen so I had been looking for something different.  My cousin, Ray Konareski, was a member at CrossFit Milford and encouraged me to try the sport.  So, right before New Year’s 2012, I stopped by CFNH and signed up for an On-Ramp class.  On that day, I remember walking into a huge, cold, mirror-less space in, what appeared to be, an empty warehouse and only seeing Coach Brian & Coach Frank. 

I really had no idea what to expect. Brian explained that CF is such a tight-knit community because everyone is going through the same hardship each workout; you have common ground with each other because you've all just experienced the same 'horrible' thing.

When I showed up for my first class a couple weeks later, I heard the music blasting and barbells dropping. Hot & sweaty men and women were working out side-by-side.  Everyone was full of energy and excitement as they cheered on one another while some were sprawled out on the floor trying to catch their breath.  At that moment, I was beginning to understand what Brian meant and realized I may have just found the exercise program for which I had been searching.  I still thank my cousin Ray to this day.

2)  What is the most challenging movement you've encountered so far?

Right now, double-unders are getting the best of me.  I have the “every other double-under” thing going on…Ugg!  I’ve purchased 3 of my own customized jump ropes and have taken 2 clinics; I know I will get them sooner or later. 

Also, there are times when I feel my Power Clean needs tweaking (I’m much better at the Clean).  When I’m not satisfied with my performance, the coaches remind me that even the professionals take years and years of practice to master certain lifts.  Therefore, I continue to seek tips and ask MANY questions.  Thanks for your patience with me!

3)  What is the one thing you LOVE SEEING in a WOD?

I love seeing squats in a WOD whether it’s air squats, front squats, back squats, paused squats, 1¼ squats or over-head squats  (yes, even those!).  I also prefer Cleans and Snatches to PC and PS since they require a full squat. On the other hand, lately I do cringe a little when I see wall balls in a WOD.

4)  You have been kicking butt!  Name some recent accomplishments!

Well, thank you!!!  I am happy to say I am FINALLY able to string together pull-ups (thank you Coach Amanda for your ‘no sympathy’ attitude).  Now, if I could just figure out a way not to rip my hands apart so I can do these in WODS all of the time!


5)  Any extra work you've been putting in to get the results you want?

Yes.  In addition to the daily WODs, I have been attending some Olympic lifting classes so that I can focus more on concentrated movements.  Thank you Coach Aaron and Coach Frank, and to the other coaches who stop into Oly, even when they are not teaching, to lend their support.

6)  Paleo…in or out?

Out.  I need simplicity (i.e. – as little preparation as possible).  Similarly though, I try to eat a lot of protein and veggies throughout the day.  I am a healthy eater about 75-90% of the time…depending.


7)  Cheat day! What do you like to indulge in?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that on Sundays I spend the day at my parent’s house eating a big dish of pasta with meatballs, sausages, and good Italian buttered bread!  I also LOVE peanut butter, so I don’t keep it in my house.  Yes, I know peanut butter has many nutritional benefits…but not so if in excess.  It’s safer eating it as a treat when visiting my mom and dad.

8)   How do you stay motivated throughout the year?

This is easy.  Being at CFNH is often the best part of my day.  I enjoy not knowing which of our 400+ members I will see in class.  The energy, camaraderie, high intensity and challenges of the ever-changing WODs are what bring me back to the gym each day.


9)  Give one long term and one short term fitness goal…

My short-term goals include participating in more street runs, obstacle races, and CrossFit events/competitions, for fun, with my friends (although, I secretly hope to improve my time at the Christopher Martin’s Christmas Run for Children again this year!).

For the long-term, my goal is to continue CrossFitting and trying to do the best my mind and body will allow me.

10)  Give us a FUN FACT about YOU!!!

My CF journal includes each lift and weight progression, for EVERY class I’ve taken at CFNH, over the past three years (by category, of course!).  I’m usually the last to leave after class because I write in it religiously.

A couple other tidbits:  my initials are ABCD and, because I am named after my mom & we have the same middle initial, I sign “Jr.” after my name.  Yes, there is such a thing as a female “Jr.”.


*** Thanks again to the coaches and all of my CF friends.  You truly bring light to my day.  XO

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