Athlete of the Month!!!

The coaches are super excited to announce DORA as our August Athlete of the Month! It is EXTRA awesome since her hubby, Peter, was Mr. August last year! 

If you've seen Dora recently, you will notice that she is ripped! She's been getting WODS in and eating right…and the results speak for themself! 

Check out the information on Dora below!

Name: Dora Drenkhahn
Member Since: February 13, 2012

1. How did you begin your CFNH journey?
I first heard about CF through my cousin Maria that had been going to Shoreline and was looking fantastic!  So I asked what she was doing, and she told Pete and I about this little thing called Crossfit!  Well, I was very interested and so was Pete.    However, at the time I was pregnant and skeptical about starting. But….I did it anyway, with caution.  So I WOD'ed for most of my pregnancy.  I had great guidance from all the coaches and I fell in love with CF immediately!

2. You've recently been crushing it! What was the motivation to kick things up?
Truth be told…my initial motivation was booking a tropical vacation!!  That's how it started, but as days went on and I got stronger and healthier it made me just want to get even better.  I am much happier that I am a healthier mom for myself and my family.  That is what really keeps me motivated now.

3. What movement do you love to see in the WOD?
I really like lunges.  They make me walk funny for a couple days but they also shape that butt and legs.  I like box jumps and power cleans, deadlifts and even wall balls (as long as there aren't a million of them in a row)

4. What movement makes you think about taking a rest day when you check the WOD?!
Overhead movements make me cringe a little like snatches and overhead squats.  But as of lately I don't let something like that stop me from WODing.

5. How has CF impacted your family?
My family is very proud of what I do, even my 7 year old has taken notice.  She tells her friends that her mom is strong because she does CF.  Its very cute and funny.  I hope to set a good example for her.

6. Any friendly competition between you and Pete during WODS?!
Unfortunately Pete and I don't get to WOD together often.  However when we talk about times and weights, well.. he usually tells me to do

7. Name a short term fitness goal.
PULL UPS!!! Someday, and I'm hoping someday soon they will be mine!

8. Name a long term fitness goal.
Continue with the healthy eating, I truly believe that good health stems from the nutrients that you put in your body.  And of course to CF until I'm very old.

9. Name 3 workout buddies you couldn't WOD without!
3 Names are just not enough, there are too many list.  But I must mention my partner and buddy Alissa and EVERYONE that goes to the 5:30am.  I love that class and everyone that gets their butts out of bed to go it.

10. FUN FACT!!!
When we gotta get the sillies out my kids and I have dance parties in the living room.


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