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I’ve been reading a lot about periodization and CrossFit in the past months and it’s importance for Games training and GPP (General Preparedness Preparation). Periodization Training is the cycling of workouts and training to optimize performance.  There are three typical cycles in a year of periodized training: preparation, competitive and transition.  The problem is as CrossFitters, we are generally stuck in one phase, that is the competitive phase.  Now if all of us were training for the same event, on the same day,  at a time far enough in the distance, a “perfect” program could be written for you to reach your maximum output.  The issue with this is that this is not case.  We all have different goals.  We all train for different reasons.  Some of us train to run a Spartan Race, others for an ultra-marathon, some to be better at Kickball, and yet other to compete in Olympic Weightlifting events, and yes, some even train CrossFit to compete in CrossFit events.


OK, so these different events happen at all times of the year.  So how do we prepare you for that. Here’s my take.  Balance  We here at CrossFit New Haven will do our best to create a balance in your program that develops your strengths while still working heavily on your weaknesses.  We will make you better, but we need your help. Your help comes in the form of:

·      Journaling, posting on the whiteboard, and communicating with your coaches.  This allows us to know your strengths and weaknesses.

·      Listening to your coaches. When we tell you to modify something, it is for your good.  Trust us.

·      Rest.  Rest days are your friend.  We’ll talk more about this later.

Here’s a general stereo-type of CrossFitters.  We are motivated, goal oriented, driven people, inside and outside the gym.  Hmmm, sound like anyone you know?  Yeah, we work hard, play hard, and train hard.  Our workouts are hard.  We push, and push everyday.  This is good, right?  Sure, intensity is good.  It’s what makes us better, faster, stronger.  We see the person next to us killing it, so we go harder. We strive for more intensity.   There are limits though.  We cannot do this everyday.  We need that Balance that I spoke of earlier.  We cannot go hard all the time.  We need breaks in intensity.  The rabbit hole is a nice place to visit once in awhile, but it’s not a place to live.

In order to create your own Periodiztion and Balance in your training, follow these tips I’ve liberated from a fellow CrossFitter Dawn Fletcher that I truly believe in:

·       Take at least 2 days off every 8-day cycle, with at least 1 of them full days off (outside of your box without Googling ‘CrossFit’ at all) & the other off day may be an active recovery/light day.

·       If it has been a month and you have done nothing else active besides CrossFit, fix it. It is already too late if it’s been a month.

·       Every 60-90 days take 3 days off in a row. Get out of your CrossFit routine, try a new sport or activity or just fully rest and recover.

·       Every 6 months, take 5-7 days off in a row. Especially after a competition or a hard cycle of training.

·       Implement 20 minutes a day at the very minimum of quiet alone time. Turn the phone off, get away from the computer, close your eyes if you’d like and just let your mind wander.. Just be alone and quiet every single day with no interruptions.

·       Attend yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation or another ‘eastern exercise’ course that forces slower movement. If it is uncomfortable, do it until you get comfortable.

·       Play pick up sports, surf, climb, ski, hike, swim…all without a specific goal or time domain. Just enjoy the process. As often as possible outside of your CrossFit WODS.

·       Have a hobby that is strictly for relaxing purposes only (read a book, play music, journal)


Following these tips will lead to drastic gains, physically and mentally and we will be here to help.

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