Hero WOD Sun @ 2pm in honor of Kevin Ogar

For those of you who are following national CrossFit News, a sad story came out of California this weekend.  The news rippled on Twitter and Facebook this past weekend when we read about Kevin Ogar, of CrossFit Unbroken.  Kevin was injured this past weekend during the OC Throwdown in Costa Mesa, California.  He is a fellow coach & athlete at CFU with our own B4B HQ 2013 Ambassador, Matt Hathcock.  To be clear, Kevin's injury wasn't due to any improper form or technique.  It was due to some crowding issues during the competition with regards to where the weights were placed behind him on the dump.  He tripped and fell and his accident was unique.  He suffered a spinal injury and has no mobility from the waist down.  Unfortunately, Kevin will undergo some pretty intensive sugeries and therapy and has no health insurance.  There is a fund that has been set up for Kevin by his fellow CrossFit family.  B4B HQ has set up a fund in Kevin's name and if you are interested in donating to help out Kevin, please link here.  If you would like to leave a check or at the gym, I'm happy to mail the collection out on behalf of the friends of CFNH.

Kevin is this week's CFNH Hero!  All members of CFNH who would like to participate and join the fundraising efforts are welcomed to come out to the 2:00 PM Endurance Hero WOD.

Let's all remember Kevin as we work out today. 

HE deserves our thoughts and prayers.

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