Hello Fellow Crossfitters!
I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to explain an awesome cause that my boyfriend, Mike Mancini, and myself have been an active part of for the past few years.
You have probably seen some of the men at the gym sporting some new mustaches. It is for Movember. Movember is a foundation that gets men to grow mustaches and gain community support (i.e. Mosista's) by creating a campaign that results in funds for men's health program investment. You are probably wondering how that is done. Well, if you were to see a friend of yours sporting a sweet 'stache, there is a good chance you will be like “BRO what’s with the mustache?!” And then the Movember conversation begins. This allows men to gain awareness for the health risks they face, taking action to remain well, and if they get sick they will know what to do. This research is for Prostate and Testicular Cancer, and Men's mental health. All kind of hush hush topics. but it affects us all.

Personally, my father is a 7 year prostate cancer survivor. So when I first heard of this cause, it hit close to home and I have been involved ever since.
For Mike, not only does he participate because of his ability to grow a bad ass mustache. But as a man, he feels its part of his duty to spread the awareness to other guys who may not know that these illnesses are very survivable if caught early.

So I am inviting all of you to come support us in our Mo' Party. It’s at our sponsor, Anna Liffey's, Friday November 29th, starting at 7pm. We will have a 50-50 raffle, Guinness specials, fun prizes for raffles, a DJ, and a “Mr. Movember” competition. Also, you don't need a mustache to come party with us.
If you can't make the party and still want to donate use this link: HTTP://MOTEAM.CO/ANNA-LIFFEY-S

Thank you guys, hope to see you next week!!

Sarah Vee & Mancini

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