Athlete of the Month!

If you've come to an 8am class…you've definitely seen Dan dancing, singing, and workin' for the weekend! Learn a little more about Dan in the questions below! 

Name: Dan O’Connell
CFNH Member Since: November 2012

1. How did you hear about CFNH and get started?
Andrea told me about CrossFit and all about CrossFit NewHaven, thank you Andrea. I had not heard of CrossFit before that so I googled “CrossFit” to see what it was all about. My first reaction was hell no, I can’t power clean, snatch or overhead squat. After a few days of thinking I emailed CFNH and started the next week. Now I can power clean, overhead squat and snatch.
I read the following line in an article that has stuck with me.
“You must choose to shed all of your own preconceived notions and assumptions about what you can, and more importantly what you can't do – you must choose to just try it, to go for it, to listen to that whisper that seems so far away saying “I can do it”

2. You live far away but still come to CFNH….you must love us huh?!

Yes I love CFNH why else would I drive 35 min every morning. Where else can I find such amazing coaches and an awesome group of people to workout with everyday.

3. What is your favorite class time and why?

Really you need to ask? 8 am

There is an energy in the class that is amazing (Monday maybe a little less energy it does follow the weekend), the countdown to the weekend, the cheering and motivating each other through the long WOD’s and of course some dancing!

4. Music. You are always dancing around the gym! What's your favorite type of music to WOD to?
I did not think anyone noticed the dancing it is that obvious? This is a tough question, I love the music turned up LOUD and to have a dance beat. Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative. I can’t pick just one. You can be in the middle of a tough workout and a certain song will come on and it just gives you that burst of energy to get you to the finish. Music can be a powerful force because of its capacity to energize.

5. Tell us about a few of the MANY races you've done so far this year!
The highlight race of 2013 has to be the Bimblers Bluff 50k it is a trail race through several inter-connected woodland preserves. This trail race had to be the most grueling and challenging races both mentally and physically I have ever run. When asked if I would do it again next year, now that a few weeks have passed I have decided to run the race again, take what I have learned from the first race like checking my water so I don’t run out, train harder and finish with a faster time. Hey Mike Poz you are running it again next year in case I forgot to mention it, since you talked me into the first.

6. Looking ahead, name one short term fitness goal…
Improving my strength and better lifting technique.

7. Name one long term goal…
Vermont 100 Endurance Race. The race is over beautiful Vermont back roads and trails. My goal is to finish under the 30 hour cutoff point.

8. I have officially named you, Mr. Moonshine! What's your favorite weekend beverage?
Would you believe water?
It is Midnight Moon Moonshine Apple Pie. Strawberry is also good.
I recently tried Midnight Moon Moonshine from Madison, NC. The Apple Pie is awesome if you have not tried it you must. And if you don’t want to try it straight get some ice and ginger ale pour 2oz of apple pie moonshine over ice and fill with some ginger ale. Also love trying different beers. Current favorite is Route of all Evil Black Ale by Two Roads Brewing in Stratford CT.

9. You've already signed up for the Christopher Martin's 5k…what time are you looking to get?
First if you have not signed up for this race, Sunday Dec. 8th, what are you waiting for! It sells out so sign-up today. It’s for a good cause and the post-race party is the best and many of our fellow CFNH athletes will be there.  Now for the question of what time I am looking to get, 19:45 which would be a PR by one second from my fastest 5k in 2011, a person can dream. Though I could “pull” a hamstring just as the race starts and if that were to happen you can find me with a great seat at the bar with cups and a pitcher in hand waiting for everyone to finish wink

10. Give us a FUN fact about you!
I love live music it can be a local band in a small bar or a show in a big arena. Get out and support local live music. I want to learn how to rock climb so that will be something new I try in 2014.

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