Custom Tailor New Haven Visits Oct. 21 -23

Are you having difficulties trying to find quality clothing for work?  Are you not finding slim fitted suits for well-definied, muscular people?  There is also the difficulty with appropriate arm and leg lengths too.  Wether your shorter or longer heights, it's the same problem.  You are either letting hems out or taking them in.  

No one needs custom clothes, but if you have to pay additional money to tailors (like me!) you know that those costs start adding up.   My sister inlaw is vertically challenged also (much shorter than I am).  She has the original hems reattached to her jeans, so they look right.  Mucho dinero to pay for that as well.   Maybe you are about to finish the Whole 30 this week, and have saggy boobs and asses, from not filling out your clothes now that you've slimmed out.  Now is the perfect time to consider some new threads!

Coach D'ags had his suits made last year.  He's smoking hot, just back from his real job, in his well fitted suit by Tailor Ravi.

If you have an interview, internship, job or wedding where proper fitting clothes matter, then Tailor Ravi is returning to New Haven in October.

We are very fortunate to have Charles Vogl offer us some appointments with his tailor, Ravi, from Thailand.  Both Coach D'ags and I had custom pants, shirts, jackets made and from personal experience, it is sooooo wonderful to have sleeves that actually extend to the length of my arms.  My ankles don't feel cold when I'm wearing the pants either.  And the jacket is like a glove when it's on.  There's no tightness across my back either ( a common problem for CrossFitters with our wide shoulders/chests).  The suits are not only customized to your size, but you choose your colors as well.  I picked my suit right out of the Armani 2012 Catalog and it looks exactly like the photo, only better becuase they were my color choices. 

Get an Appointment to be fitted.  You will not regret it.  Custom Tailor Ravi Visits Oct. 21 -23.  To learn about his visit here at


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