The Pink Bra Tour.

Barbells for Boob week kick off is coming to an end, but this is just the beginning of our push to promote the event and saving a pair! Click HERE to register or donate. These are the guidelines for the event:

Here's how the B4B Registration/Fundraising will work:

You will either register to “pay” or “fundraise” with a suggested donation of $25.00. 100% will be donated to Barbells For Boobs. So every person who is listed as a fundraiser, is also assumed to be a participant in Grace.

  Moral of the Story: Go to the website to register.

  There will be onsite “Registration” the day of B4B as well for those who are walkins….but why put off to tomorrow what you can do today?! (Don't you just love it when things your parents told you as a kid actually make sense now!?)

On the day of Barbells for Boobs/The Pink Bra Tour Stop – October 27th @ 9:00!!!

There will be awesome food served by P&M, a live DJ, and lots of raffles and prizes! Even if you don't participate, you should come down and support the cause and your fellow athletes!
Let's make this a BB4B to remember!

Check out some of the kids from this week!

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