Athlete of the MONTH!

If you come to the gym in the evening, chances are you've seen Matt Pringle and the Digital Surgeons crew! Matt works his butt off and the results speak for themselves! Keep it up Matt and Congrats!  

1. How did you first hear about CFNH?

I heard about crossfit from work. When digital surgeons moved offices to the same building as crossfit new haven, that was pretty much my first exposure to it.

2.Once you started, were you instantly hooked, or do you have to make yourself workout!?
I was instantly hooked once I started. Before Crossfit I use to go to the gym (planet fitness) at least 3 days a week, and I thought I was in pretty good shape, but then I had my first crossfit workout and it totally kicked my ass, and for me that's what made it so addicting. I loved breaking a sweat and being so sore the next day I couldn't get out of bed. I never would get that feeling just working out on my own.

3. What has been your greatest achievement in the gym so far?
I've had a few. The first time I did a muscle-up I was really excited, and probably loosing 25 lbs was really awesome.

4. You're part of the Digital Surgeon Gang – does it help having accountability to come after work?
I wouldn't call it accountability, it's more motivation then anything. When other people from the office are going, and really excited it gets me excited, so that really does help.

5. If you could only workout with one of the DSG – who would it be and why? (Yup, I'm making you pick!)
I'd probably have to say Dan, because he's a freak of nature and seeing him to so well always motivates me to try harder

6. Name 1 long term goal you have for your health and fitness:
I'd like to be in the 400 club. Currently my dead lift 1RM is 310 lbs 

7. One Short Term Goal
Develop better cardio. I dispise any WOD that involves a lot of running

8. If you were on a deserted island and could bring 3 things to work out with, what would they be?
1) A jump rope, because it always gets my heart going fast. 2) A pull up bar, because I love pull ups and 3) a GHD machine because if I'm gonna be stranded on an island I'm gonna make sure I have good abs.

9.What song makes you work EXTRA hard during a WOD?
Anything by Rage against the machine, and Panama rocks my sweaty sweaty socks.

10.Paleo….hate it? Love it? Gotta try it?
Love it! Last december I was walking around at 205 lbs and decided jump head first into paleo. I was VERY strict with it. The only acceptation I made was cream for coffee. I tried almond milk, but…well yeah, no. I stayed on paleo for about 4 months till I hit my goal of 185 lbs. I'm no longer on paleo, but I still continue to eat healthy, and I've lost an additional 5 lbs.

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