I decided that every Friday is TGIF. No matter what. We made it through the week and deserve a little celebration, right?! 

Yesterday was one of those workouts that looked easy on paper. Those are always the ones you need to look out for! 

As I was opening the gym up at 5:15…JRod came up to me and was like, “This workout looks stupid.” I tried to warn her. I swear I tried. Some people need to learn for themselves! hehe

Take a look at Jen starting the push, during it, and after! Progression…it's a beautiful thing. 

Annnnd realizing that those quads are gunna feel the burn….

And to finish the WOD…a direct quote from JROD “FML.Sh*t!”

TOMORROW!!!! Match for Murph, Kids Open Class @ 9:00, Paleo Challenge Talk! (Blog to Follow!)

There is a NORMAL schedule tomorrow – the Bone Marrow Drive will just be going on the entire time! No money reequired to WOD, but appreciated wink

Sunday: Kids Comp @ CFM!!! They need help. Volunteer!!! Over 90 kids participating! 

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