Figs. Boom.

Grocery Shopping. If I don't go in with a list, I'm like a kid in a candy store – you see it, you want it. In my case, I see something I like, I grab it and then try to come up with a recipe I can use it in. After my trip to Costco, I had a ginormous bag of dried figs. Yup. Dried Figs. I love figs. This bag caught my eye because of the “no sugar added” – which can be hard to find when it comes to dried fruit.

So, as I sat down at Starbucks to do my food planning for the week, I thought “Figs…figs…now bring me some figgy pudding!” (I have no clue what figgy pudding is…but I think of that song when I say figs…that or fig newtons.) Then I decided to make pork with some sort of Balsamic Glazed Fig something. I chopped up a bunch of the dried figs and put them in a saute pan with a heavy handed pour of balsamic vinegar. I waited for it to carmelize and thicken. Once I acquired the consistency I thought I needed, I moved the “paste” to the food processor and pulsed it – adding water to thin it out. In fear of adding too much water and not wanting to add anymore vinegar (because who wants to burn their throat with vinegar!?) I stopped and ended up with Balsamic Fig “Butter”….translation – it looked like the inside of a fig newton, but damn tasty!

You're probably thinking, “Amanda, what can I use that on!?” Well friends, rest assured. This Fig Jam tasted amazing with a grilled pork chop! Pair this with some baked sweet potato fries and brussels sprouts and you've got dinner! BOOM!!!

This is what the Fig Stuff looked like in my food processor…

And this is the complete meal! 

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