Come Out for a Cause!

Coach K here with a quick annoucement: We will be having a meeting this Thursday at 5:30PM for anyone interested in competition programming for the next year. Please come for a Q and A session all about COMP!


Money doesn't grow on trees….so we need some of yours.

We have a LOT of Fundraising opportunities coming up this week! This Thursday things kick off with an ASAP Fundraiser. Good'ol Christine Jun, (Also know as BBC Christine – if only to me) is heading it up! Check out the info below:

Dear friends,

For the last year, I've been pouring myself into an organization called ASAP–Academics Stand Against Poverty. This Thursday we are launching our first ever crowdfunding campaign. It would mean a ton to me if you'd come by Anna Liffey's on Thursday night, 7:30 to 9 pm, to help me kick this campaign off properly.

Anna Liffey's is graciously offering us drink specials, so we'll have a fun night. Join us and learn about ASAP's campaign to stop illicit financial flows and help us get the word out and make this crowdfunding campaign a success! Many of us have only a little money to spare, but you don't need to make a big donation to come. You can make a huge difference to this campaign by showing up, learning about illicit financial flows, and helping us spread the word.

Please take three actions right now to help us launch this campaign the right way:
Watch our short video about illicit financial flows. I think you'll be shocked.
E-mail me to let me know if you're coming and if you're bringing friends (needless to say, that would be great!).
Join our Facebook event and invite your friends
You can learn more about ASAP and our campaign below.

You guys rock. So many thanks,


About ASAP

ASAP is a global network of scholars using research, teaching, and advocacy to help bring about the end of poverty. Founded in 2010, the ASAP network has chapters in Canada, Germany, India, Oceania, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US, with hundreds of members working and studying in universities, research centers, and NGOs worldwide. To learn more about ASAP, visit .

About the Campaign

We are fundraising for a very important cause: curbing illicit financial flows. Illicit financial flows play a key role in perpetuating poverty. Every year, roughly $1 trillion are spirited out of developing economies through corruption, criminal activity, and, most of all, tax evasion. That means that for every dollar developing countries receive in foreign assistance, ten dollars go out. This massive outflow is made possible by tax loopholes, a global network of tax havens, and a lack of transparency in the global financial system. To read more about illicit financial flows, visit and .

ASAP has brought together a team of world-class scholars and NGO leaders, like Thomas Pogge (Yale University) and Raymond Baker (Global Financial Integrity) to craft a plan to curb illicit financial flows around the world, by closing down tax havens and bringing transparency to the global financial system.

Saturday: Match for Murph 9:00 – 2:00

Sunday: Kids Comp at CFM

A look ahead….June 15th – Gladiator Gauntlet at CFM! 

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