Clear the decks for the next weekend of CFNH Events

It's the official start to summer.  This was one heck of a Boom Boom Pow WOD yesterday with Murph. It hurt so good!

The 9:00AM Class Hitting MURPH

The 9:00AM class was still lying all around the floor as the 11:00AM came in to warm up.  It was quite a site to be seen.


All finished 2 miles of a run, 100Pullups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats.

The 11AM Class Cheering on those who were finishing.  Some with sandbags, some with weight vests

Billie, Dan and Melissa didn't get the memo….so we stayed on for a NOONER Murph!  

Great Job to everyone who finished this wod.

Event Reminders @ CFNH

This upcoming weekend will be packed with things do participate in at CFNH.

Saturday 6/1/13:

8, 9, 10, 11 AM 

It's Family & Friend Day.  The workout will be scaleable for all friends of CFNH who come down and support/sign up for the Bone Marrow Drive.

9:00AM -2:00PM

Bone Marrow Drive and Fundraiser for Janyce “Match for Murphy”.  Sign up to join the registry.  Give a cheek swab, buy a tshirt, donate some money for the great raffle prizes our volunteers have for us.


CFNH “KIDS” Open House.  Kids of all ages are welcome.  Let your child try out a workout, kid-style!  Coaches will be on hand to answer questions and you can register your child for summer classes.   


PALEO TALK and Paleo Challenge Q&A.  Coach C will give a talk to those new and old and be on hand to answer any questions about eating the Paleo Lifestyle.  Clean out your pantries this week and get ready for our next 30 Day Challenge beginning Sunday June 2nd (cause we all want to be done before the July 4th!)  Coach E will also be talking about “Picking on Someone Your Own Size”  (Blog forthcoming from Coaches E and Amanda Z).

Sunday 6/2/13 9:00AM – 3:00 PM

The CF Kids Competition at CFM!

Team “You Can't Clean a Twinkie” from the 2013 Winter Throwdown.  They will be making a comeback this Sunday!

Come down to CrossFit Milford on Sunday to support our youngest athletes at CFNH, who are about to head to their first Away Games of CrossFitting.  Robby Labulis, Maddie Miranda and Jack O'Brien are ready and they will be competing with over 90 children in multiple age brackets.  The kids will all do three workouts that day.  They would love to see CFNH'ers geared up supporting them. They have trained for this these last 6 weeks and now they are going to the big show.  Here is a link of the what the kids have to do and the movement standards.

CFNH Plays KICKBALL @ Blake Field 12:30PM

Another group that needs cheering is our Kickball crew.  The game is about an hour long and there is a wonderful BBQ and Tailgate during the afternoon.  They love it when they hear support for their teams (be it the Orange or the Pink teams!).  It's the field right by the gym when you get off the highway.  Bring a lawn chair, something to quench your thirst and some protein for the grill.

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