I love my weekends. (Who doesn't?!) At the elementary school I used to work at, EVERY Friday, a little first grader would run up to me when I came in the class and say, “Mrs. Zapatka! TGIF!” I would always say it right back because she is right! You bust your butts all week and enjoy some R&R on the weekends! If a 6 year old can grasp that, we should too!

Wanna know what's even better than a normal weekend?! A THREE DAY weekend! Holllllaaa! We have a modified schedule on Memorial Day – 9:00 and 12:00 ONLY. So don't show up at 5:30 because I won't be here…so you shouldn't be either smile 

Our athletes were pretty awesome this week! Who's butt is still en fuego from Monday's lunge steps!? Check out some of the work you've done!



We have some exciting things happening in the coming weeks so check the blog for updates daily! Next Satruday, June 1st, we have the Match for Murphy and a 9:00 Kids Trial Class! Come down. Bring the family! 

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