CFNH Memorial Day Schedule & Next Events

Sorry for the late posting.  I had to make sure that Coach Eric recieved his 42 burpees & blew out 43 candles (Of course 1 for good luck!).  

Memorial Day Weekend  Schedule

Friday:  All Classes as scheduled

Saturday:  All Adult Classes as scheduled.  9:00 AM Kids' Class is CANCELLED.  Teens may take adult classes.

Sunday:  9:00AM WOD.  Mobility AND Endurance Classes are CANCELLED

Monday:  ONLY 9:00AM & 12:00PM WOD.  All other classes cancelled.  

Enjoy your holiday weekend and the official start to summer!

Next Saturday June 1st Events

Bone Marrow Drive & Fundraiser 9:00-2:00 PM 6/1

We have some pretty cool happenings going on next Saturday.  As you know we will be having a bone marrow drive and fundraiser from 9:00AM – 2:00PM for anyone from our gym (and friends of CFNH too) who want to join the National Bone Marrow Registry.  There are multiple non-profit organizations who dedicate their time and resources to collect matched donors.  All it takes is a few minutes of your time to fill out some paperwork and a swab of your inner cheek with a q-tip!  There is no pain, no needles, and you can even do it yourself.  Your results are entered in the national registry.  You may be called as a matched donor, you may never be called.  Maybe you can save a life for someone like Janyce, who needs a match, to be cured of Lukemia.  If you would like to participate and become a donor, please sign up this week and next while you are at the gym.  The sign up sheets will be on the clipboards next to the bathrooms and the office.  This is just so we know how many kits to order (up to 200).  Don't worry if you don't feel like working out, but want to participate.  This is an East Rock Community event with family, friends and neighbors.  Bring your mom, bring your priest, bring your date.  We will be here for everyone.  

Some of you have asked if we need volunteers and the answer is YES!  Especially during the hours of 11AM – 2 PM.  We will also be setting up Friday night – Saturday morning.  We are in need of folding tables and about 10 folding chairs.  If you can loan us what you have, we'll make sure you get it back.  Please email if you have what we are looking for, want to donate, want me to get your name on the list to be a donor.  The battle against lukemia is long and painful.  It also brings large, unexpected medical bills to the family.  We are also fundraising on behalf of the Murphy/Hill family so that some of Janyce's medical burden will not be so hard felt.  If you would like to make a contribution, there will be plenty of opportunity to show your support the day of the event.  If you can't get down the day of the event, we can take donations via your member accounts, check, or online.  More details forthcoming.  There will be special t-shirts available (that also go with the corresponding workout), raffles, prizes and more.  There will be food and refreshments provided by our friends from Orange Street Market and Christopher Martins Restaurant.  

The workouts will be open to friends and family of CrossFit New Haven all day.  If you know of someone who is interested in joining, 6/1 will be a great day to give CrossFit a try.


What a better time to get your bone marrow sample taken, than while your kids are trying out CrossFit?  All children of all ages are welcome to come out and give the CrossFit Kids program a try!  Our kids' coaches will be on hand to answer parents questions and parents are welcome to stick around and watch their kids play and have fun while getting fit.  Summer  Kids Classes will begin in July.  Come out for the last class of the spring session to find out how to get your children signed up!  Email Carla if you have any questions.


“Pick on Someone Your Own Size” Paleo Challenge Begins Sunday 6/2

You wanted it, you have asked for it.  The next Paleo Challenge is about to begin on 6/1 as well.  You have officially been put on notice.  Clean out your pantry and get your fridge ready.  This challenge is one like no other and it's sure to be fun to be a part of.  More details will follow in the upcoming week. 

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