Weekend Reading – Open 13.4 Edition

Interested in starting CrossFit? We still have some openings in our next On-Ramp, starting Monday, 4/01 at 5:30PM. No, this is not a prank – we really do have some spaces, so sign up now!

Remember that the Saturday 11:00AM class is reserved for Open competitors only! Everyone else should show up for the 8, 9 or 10AM classes.

Easter Sunday: There will only be a 9:00 AM WOD. Mobility and Edurance classes are cancelled.

13.4 Has Landed
Outlaw Way 13.4 Strategy & Tips
Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Open 13.4 Tips and Advice
Week Three in the Books
Week Three in Review: North East
13.3: Lessons Learned
What Is Someone Like Me Doing In The Open?
Justin Bieber ('s Sound Guy) Takes on the Open
Sam Briggs Does 13.4 -116 reps
The Open Show 13.3.3 – Some advice on how to enjoy the Open
Inside CrossFit training craze
DIY lowrider wooden beach cruiser bicycle by jurgen kuipers
The Case for Big Quads
What Really Matters
Thorisdottir Sidelined by Back Injury
Men and Women Are Probably Equally Likely to Be Shopaholics
Can Your Child Be Too Religious?
Paint Injected into Bubble Wrap
Looking for good food that's bad?
This Free App Makes Reading A Computer Screen At Night Much Easier
Cin-Ups: 6 Tips to Help You Over the Bar
The 65 Business Words To Strike From Your Vocabulary Right Now
Easter Warning
Campaign Aims To Disgust Social Smokers
My Dog: The Paradox
You Know You're From Connecticut IF ________________.
BroMercial by NorCal CrossFit
Ever wonder what a 352 pound overhead squat looks like?
Different versions of the marriage equality symbol
6 Yoga Poses for Better Posture
Facebook: 2.7 Million People Showed Their Support for Marriage Equality by Changing Their Profile Pictures
What it means when you say “literally.”
5 Recurring Movie Extras You Won't Believe You Never Noticed
The Inner Asshole
Fast-Melting Arctic Ice Caused Massive Spring Snowstorms

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