A Little Calm Before the Storm

Interested in starting CrossFit? We still have some openings in our next On-Ramp, starting Monday, 4/01 at 5:30PM. No, this is not a prank – we really do have some spaces, so sign up now!

Remember that the Saturday 11:00AM class is reserved for Open competitors only! Everyone else should show up for the 8, 9 or 10AM classes.

Easter Sunday: There will only be a 9:00 AM WOD. Mobility and Edurance classes are cancelled.

With Saturday begins all of the hoopla about our 13.4 workout, but before we get caught up in counting reps it's important to take a step back. Specifically to think about our CrossFit community, how it works and what it means to people. During Open week it can be easy to fall into an Us vs. Them mentality because hey, we're competing. But the other 51 weeks of the year, it's just Us. If you've only known CrossFit at CrossFit New Haven, it can be rather mystifying to think that the same community exists outside our walls. The same helpful people and the same feeling of family. The next time you're on the road or on vacation, stop in at another box for a WOD and see how they operate. Our very own Al Carl did, and he had such a great experience that not only did he write them a note, he sent it to me to share with all of you. Here's his letter:

Dear Crossfit Omaha and by extension Crossfit New Haven:

I had the pleasure of visiting Crossfit Omaha (CFO) on Monday March 11th for the 5:30PM WOD.

I’m the guy from Connecticut in town to visit family. What you didn’t know is that I was in Omaha to say goodbye to my mother, Joan Carl. Mom had been moved to Hospice House near Bergan Mercy Hospital two days earlier. I was taking turns with my sisters staying with mom around the clock but by Monday I needed to find a WOD.

I am originally from Nebraska and have spent a lot of time in and around Omaha. I even worked in town from 2010 through 2012 just a few miles away from CFO but never knew you were there. I didn’t discover Crossfit until I moved to New Haven, Connecticut. I have been a member of Crossfit New Haven since October 2012.

I have been a long distance runner and triathlete for 15 years but never really worked out with weights. A couple of co-workers from WTNH-TV in New Haven were Crossfitters. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how much they loved to talk about it. How much it pushed them, how much it hurt.

One guy, a producer in my newsroom, lost a lot of weight at Shoreline Crossfit in Branford. These guys loved to talk about Crossfit. I didn’t get it, but I was intrigued. As a runner I wasn’t looking to lose weight and thought I was in shape. Even so I decided to give it a try. I signed up for Onramp in October. Classes were at 5:30am, 3 days a week for a month, it sucked, it turns out I was not in shape. I was terrible at every movement. Couldn’t lift, couldn’t squat, couldn’t jump on a box, couldn’t even jump rope.

I kept coming and the coaches kept telling me how to improve. I got better, stronger, more confident. I’m still not good at most movements but it is an important part of my week.

Getting back to my experience at CFO. I called the gym and was immediately invited to join the WOD that afternoon. I was tired, stressed and emotionally spent from watching my mother shuffle off her mortal coil. The coaches at CFO took good care of me. The WOD involved box jumps. By this time I was good at 24 inch box jumps back in New Haven. The CFO coach watched me practice a couple of jumps and shoved a 20 inch box in front of me. She could tell I was struggling. No sleep, bad diet, sluggish. I followed her lead and did my 20 inch jumps, which on this day was my max effort. The other gym members accepted me and pushed me. I needed that WOD, I needed the sweat, I needed to push myself, I needed the humility of knowing there was no way I was anywhere near actually doing muscle ups, I needed to struggle through a WOD with a bunch of other people struggling in their own way

Two days later my mother passed peacefully from this life into the next. She was proud of my fitness but would have just loved hearing more about Crossfit.

Thank you CFO for being there when I needed you and thank you Crossfit New Haven for making it possible.

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