A Little Different Than Last Year

Interested in starting CrossFit? We still have some openings in our next On-Ramp, starting Monday, 4/01 at 5:30PM. No, this is not a prank – we really do have some spaces, so sign up now!

Last year for 12.5 we had an ascending ladder of thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups. This year, we're swapping them out for clean & jerks and toes to bar. Here's the rundown for those who weren't perched anxiously in front of their computer screens:

As many reps in 7 mins as you can of:
3 Clean & Jerks, 135/95
3 Toes To Bar
6 Clean & Jerks, 135/95
6 Toes To Bar
9 Clean & Jerks, 135/95
9 Toes To Bar
12 Clean & Jerks, 135/95
12 Toes To Bar
15 Clean & Jerks, 135/95
15 Toes To Bar
18 Clean & Jerks, 135/95
18 Toes To Bar
If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.

Graham Holmberg and Chris Spealler went head to head in this one and both said it was a real grip strength tester. How much does this wipe out your grip? They left the feed going and I was watching Holmberg taking photos with everyone and thinking how much that would suck: three minutes after the WOD, you want to die and everyone wants to get their picture with you. Then I saw the most telling post-WOD moment. Someone walked up to Holmberg with a T-shirt and a handed him a Sharpie. Then Graham Holmberg, 2010's Games Champion handed the Sharpie back to her so she could take the cap off for him.

Oh. Em. Gee.

Also, if you kept the feed up, you got the pleasure of watching Rory McKernan go head to head with Adrian Bozman. Apparently the “drink Corona before the WOD and during the movement standards” isn't the best strategy. Boz won and the two are tied in face-offs going into the last round.

So go buy your tape and start thinking about how your going to hang on to the bars 'cause this could get ugly in a hurry. As usual, the first section of Weekend Reading will be everything I find about the WOD, so be sure to tune in Friday night.

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