Goodbye to a warrior

Last night turned into one of those sad, bittersweet kind of nights. We're losing someone great, but we're losing her to a much greater purpose.

Isabel Marin is a dichotomy. On the outside, she's this cute little girl, but on the inside lurks the heart of a lion. Actually, “lurks” is probably the wrong word, because that would imply that it's hidden. But if you've ever talked to her for a little bit or watched her in a WOD, that lion heart is plainly visible for all to see. Not only can we see it, the Marines can see it as well. She's heading down to Quantico after destroying her physical fitness test, getting 293 out of 300. All of her stressing out about the pull-ups and her determination to improve got her some really impressive results.

We're all going to miss you here Isabel, the coaches and all the athletes you've come in contact with. Give 'em hell down in Virginia – show 'em that sweet little innocent smile and knock 'em on their ass! Come back to us whenever you get a chance, 'cause you'll always have a home up here in New Haven.

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