More New On-Ramp Graduates!

First off, congratulations go out to CoachPoach for being an Oly lifting badass. He competed in his first USA Oly Meet (unsanctioned) and pulled a 202.4 pound (92kg) snatch and a 268.4 pound (122kg) clean & jerk for a PR in that lift. Strong work, Aaron! He has a video of all of his lifts on Facebook, so go friend him if you want to see the amazement, but if he ever puts the video up on more a shareable site coughcoughYouTubecough we'll put a copy up here so you can gaze upon him with as much wonder as I did. EDIT: Ask and ye shall receive. Check out Aaron's spectacular lifts, made all the more amazing by the fact that this is the day after the 150 wall balls of 13.3.

In addition to amazing oly skills and a brazilian wall balls, this weekend marked the graduation of Whitney's latest 5:30P On-Ramp class. Okay, yes, they graduated Thursday, but I needed a good segue. That said, here are the new faces you'll be seeing soon in class. Welcome them with many kilograms of love.

Carlos, Janice, Kate, Isaiah, Dennis (not pictured, Melissa)

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