ZZ Top Said It Best…

You've been working out, you've done the paleo challenge, and suddenly you discover that your clothes just don't seem to fit right any more. Fortunately, Charles Vogl has an answer to that problem in the form of his tailor Ravi (lightsabers not included). Ravi has been out here before, so I'll use the words of Past Charles to describe the future appointment for you:

Hi Crossfitters,

Many of our friends already know that our Bangkok tailor Ravi comes to measure Yalies for their interviews and life in finance, consulting, lawyering, etc.  He dresses well over 100 clients from Yale.  He's coming back this April for four days.

His workmanship is top notch and fabrics are Italian or English cashmere, wool, silk, linen and cotton.  He makes men's and women's clothes.  His women's stuff is very chic.  We have many samples to show.

The Backstory: In 2010 Socheata and I sought out Ravi after our New York friends said he was the best tailor in Bangkok. We knew they had taste and a nose for value. We were buying for our wedding. In Bangkok we ordered seven suits and more on that first visit. We were delighted and the men in the wedding party looked like they stepped off a Tarantino set. Then in 2011, we asked Ravi to visit New Haven because we were tired of going to NYC to visit him. We figured there would be a lot of interest at SOM and LAW . . . and we were right. I want to offer this to the Crossfit crowd b/c right fitting clothes goes with a hard earned new figure.

Get an appt. if right-fitting clothes sounds good.

Custom Tailor Ravi Visits from Bangkok:  April 2-5th

To schedule an appointment, visit: www.myvisitingtailor.info

  • Custom clothes made in Bangkok
  • Tailored suits for interviews, jobs and weddings
  • Over 200 fabric options
  • Appointment Only
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