So, the first workout of this year's open was an amalgam of the first two workouts from 2012. Now comes a repeat of the fourth workout. yaaaaay. Cough.



12 min AMRAP:
150 Wall Balls
90 Double-Unders
30 Muscle-ups

When it comes to CrossFit, whether or not you remember the past, you're still probably doomed to repeat it. I feel like Dave Castro is reading all of my emails, because last year there was only one workout I had to do before the official one on Saturday and it was this one. This year, there's only one Saturday I'm going to miss, and yes, it's this Saturday. At least this time I'm not going to hop on an airplane the next day and fly forever. Right, Frank?

As always, there will be some help in the Weekend Reading, but since there seems to be a massive number of us who won't be here on Saturday, you can Google “Open 12.4 tips” and get some help before you do the WOD. Since I was in Tennessee at the time, I didn't get to compile a bunch of links like I will this year, but here's Beyond the Whiteboard's roundup of links and videos for the WOD. In addition, you can see what we looked like doing the WOD last year.

So get some rest, take it easy on those quads and get ready for this weekend. We'll be doing it at 11:00 AM on Saturday as usual and again, watch out for the Weekend Reading for tips!

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