An Upcoming EVENT and GOALS

Are you or a friend interested in giving CrossFit a try? We still have spots available in our noon and 5:30 PM On-Ramp classes, starting this coming Monday, 2/4.

The 6th Annual Run for Refugees 5K is back again this Weekend.  10:00AM Start. 

REMINDER to ALL:  The Endurance Class THIS SUNDAY IS CANCELLED….Run for Refugees!  As usually, there will be a large group of CFNH'ers in attendance so wear your CFNH gear!

Coach C's Athlete Brag…the littlest O'Brien!

This was a proud endurance moment for Eric and I, the day our son decided to do his first 5K.   A younger Jack O'Brien.  Jack only ran so he could get all of the Chabaso Bread he wanted.  Every runner gets to take home a free loaf of their yummy bread.  For Jack, it also Included 3 more loaves from his running mates – family members!  It's truly an incentive, when your parents don't feed you bread.  No, Jack is not Paleo like his mom.  He's a meat and potato and bread guy!  This was his only way he could score some.  A 5K.   Jack was so happy at the end of the race, when all those scrumptious loaves of bread were handed to him.  He sat there and ate a loaf, then took a few more home.  Friends of CFNH gave Jack their loaves.  That kid was so happy.  

It was a goal he set for himself.   Though, the reward for finishing was all he needed, not that bread.  The goal to finish the race was much greater.  He'll be making a comback this Sunday at the race to beat his 2011 time.  He's quickly learning the life of the CrossFitter.  What's your Goal?  If you are in the Paleo Challenge, you have set a goal for yourself by now.  If you haven't done so, post it up on that Goals Board and hold yourself to it for the next 5 weeks.  If you aren't in the challenge, find a goal in the gym that you know is attainable and get cracking at it!  


CFNH KIDS is where it's AT!  Jack & Maddie CAN Clean!  (not Twinkies!) 

So, the moral of this blog is to set some goals for yourself.  Join in the CrossFit New Haven family and CFNHE crew and register to Run for Refugees.  Set this Goal for yourself and see how long it takes to run this 5K.  it's a wonderful, scenic 5K Run/Walk through East Rock Park.  It starts at Wilbur Cross High School and goes up Farnham Drive; my favorite road in New Haven.   See you all there.

…And, if you don't want your loaf of Chabaso Bread, Jack O'Brien will be there this Sunday too, and happily take it off your hands! 

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