Paleo Challenge Updates

Are you or a friend interested in giving CrossFit a try? We still have spots available in our noon and 5:30 PM On-Ramp classes, starting this coming Monday, 2/4.

Team Standings:

1st Place:  Yam I AM @ 98%

2nd Place:  Honey Nut Paleo's @ 89%

3rd Place:  Captain Pimperati and the Cave Chicks @ 83%

4th Place:  Primal Rage @ 81%

5th Place:  Primal Gaggle @ 79%

Great job to EVERYONE who is competing.  I think we should have a vote on the best named team in this challenge by those who are reading it for the first time.  Post to Comments!  

Thank you coaches for adhereing to the 5:00PM deadline on Monday.  Reminder to those who haven't given your $10.  We know who you are.  Your coaches will hunt you down this week!  Also, GET CINDY DONE….or your results won't be so dramatic.

The Weekly Team Challenge has been posted:  Go out and do another Sport with your TEAM.  I love all the sports that have been suggested by teammates. You have until 5:00PM next Monday to complete this challenge.  

Lastly, remember that if your entire team works out at CFNH 5 days this week, your ENTIRE team gets a +10 point bonus.  

Now for my little Nutrition advice today…..

Fish Oil -WHY Coach C?

It's an extremely important part of recovery at CFNH.  It is also should be an extremlely important part of everyone's nutrition, not just those who are on the Paleo Challenge.  

We'd like you to think of adding fish oil to your routine.  Many ask the question, Why?  Let me try to lend a little light on this subject.  

This guy take Fish Oil!

Fish Oil repairs damaged cells in the body.  Fish Oil is a potent  anti-inflammatory and assists in muscle repair, lowers insulin resistant pathogens and aids in digestion that relates to autoimmune dysfunction and disease.  Stopping disease right in it's pathway and fighting off inflamation?  It is also a proven supplement to reverse cancer cells.  Who wouldn't want to take this!

It is loaded with Omega-3's that contain both EPA and DHA's.  For you techy's in biology and chemistry, this is like reading Dick and Jane.  For the rest of us, these two ingredients are docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid.  These two Wondertwins help in that vital brain, eye, tissue and muscle repair that make up the Omega-3's.  How EPA and DHA is acquired is the key to the purest form of ingestion.  You won't get it in the GMO/Farm raised food in the grocery store.  FOOD that is not grass fed has about 3:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.  Wild caught food (or pasture raised) has a 30:1 ratio.  The higher 3:6 ratio you can have, the less inflamed your body is.  This is why we are preaching to you the benefits of grass-fed (see Trish O'Neil or me for meat purchasing) is the best way to eat your way to Omega 3's.  However, it can get very pricey and we can't go out and just shoot a bison in our backyards.

The quickest and easiest way is the Fish Oil Supplement.  No, this is not readily available in farmed fish supply (due to GMO seed cropping and grain feeding of fish).  Wild Caught fish is the way to go if you want to eat it.  You can also simply add purified fish oil in pill or liquid forms to get what you need. 

Depending on your lifestyle and level of fitness you should consume .25-1G per 20 lbs of body weight.   For the sake of CrossFitting, it is suggested to consume about 4G's per day.  Depending on your pill/liquid decision, you will need to figure out how much to take based on the nutrition label.  One of my YAM I AM'ers had a great question for me yesterday.  I'd like to share with you all who are still curious, my answer.

Let's look at two labels:

Although it says 1000mg of Fish Oil (pill form), it doesn't break out how much EPA & DHA is in there.  Also, look at the ingredients.  Hmmmm…You really don't know how pure this is.

Here's another label:

You know that based on each serving (this is liquid form), you are getting more than 1G of fish oil here.  Forget about the “Other Omega 3's”.  Between the EPA and DHA amts, it's 1,300mg OR 1.3G of fish oil.  This means you only need to take 3-4 teaspoons a day of this brand (which is Carlson's Fish Oil) vs. I don't know how many you would need to take of the other brand.  

The obvious choice here is curtain #2.  The oil form.  I personally like the oil form, because I can take just 3 teaspoons of oil, versus oodles of pills.  Some folks complain about fish burps.  Either pill/liquid, keep it in your fridge.  It minimizes the burpees.  If you hate that taste, try the flavored oils.  Any questions on all things related to Fish Oil, find your team leaders!  They all can tell you what works best for them.  Have any questions?  Please post to comments.  This is one of the most important supplements to improving your life!


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