ThrowDown Results are IN…WE Need YOU!

The tallys are in.  The math has been recounted and the hanging chads are gone.  The final results of the 2013 Winter Throw Down.  


RX Division Results

Scaled Division Results

Congratulations to EVERYONE who competed.  90 people came out to do this competition and all of you made so many gains.  PR's were set and we all had a great time.  The next type of event like this at CFNH will be the 2013 CrossFit Opens which will begin in March.  Continue to train hard everyone!  All are welcome to participate.  For more information follow along at the 2013 CrossFit Opens site.

We need YOU!

So, what do you want to know about at CFNH?  We are looking for your input for our blog topics.   It can be anything like, “Where to get that Cod Piece D'Ags is talking about?”,  Or “Where does Coach E get his hair products”?   Is it something like “how can you improve your 1RM Thurster to be 77% of your Front Squat”?  Maybe you want to know what Fish Oil is the best brand?  Or how many grams based on body weight?  Or what brand of socks to wear for deadlifts, so they won't kill your shins?  Is it a recipe you are looking for, like the famoushomemade Sweet Potato Brownies? (Look how that just happens!)  

Your trainers are sharpening their pencils and taking a crack at anything you want to know about. So, please, post to our comments with what you need to know!  

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