Saturday is the CFNH Winter Throwdown!

Things you need to know about tomorrow's CFNH Winter Throwdown:

  1. The Throwdown starts at 9:00 AM Saturday morning.
  2. There will be no regular classes on Saturday due to the Throwdown.
  3. Do not taunt the Throwdown.
  4. Ladies who are teamed together for the CFNH Throwdown: There are 5 men who are looking to work out with you! Scaled or Unscaled, they just want YOU. Who would like to join these guys? Email First 5 gals get a man! Remember, you get extra POINTS for Mixed Doubles.
  5. After the event, we're having a Paleo Potluck. Bring your favorite dishes and desserts. We'll finish off what's left in the fridge from B4B beverages or BYOB. Also, if you're on the challenge we welcome tequila & seltzer, limes/lemons and red wine for your apres fun beverages.
  6. You will have the opportunity to buy some excellent grass fed beef at the Throwdown, but you knew that already, right?
  7. Regular classes will resume on Sunday.


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