Winter Throwdown Announcement: MEAT!!!

You know how Trish O'Neil usually rounds up a bunch of people to do a meat share every couple of months? Well this time, she's gone ahead and gotten the meat already and will have a big pile of it with her this Saturday for folks to buy at the gym.

“Ummm.. she'll have WHAT now?”

On Saturday, we will have 125 pounds of Grass Fed Beef from Four Mile River Farm for sale. The choice cuts of meat will be $9.00 per pound. The burger, soup shank and stew meat will be $7.00 per pound. No minimum orders needed! You can buy it right from the fridge. There will be NO HOLDS, so get there early for best selection. Bring your cash or checks payable to Trish O'Neil. For for more deets, find her when she is not working out!

“Dude. NOT cool, bro. Hold me back, Jimmy!”

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