More Wintertime Talk

A little while back, I had a post up here about the winter rules. Click here to go read that post and get a quick refresher on what's what.

Now, there's been a slight change to how everything's going to work – during the winter time, the small metal door will remain locked. We're starting to get a lot of stuff tracked in from the outside, as well as ungainly and unsafe piles of shoes and clothes huddled around the door.

The one exception is if people are running outside (for instance, if some evil coach liked to make people run 800m to warm up). Other than that, you should assume that door is locked 24/7. This includes the 5:30 AM & 6:30 AM classes. We're still working with building management to have them unlock the doors at 5:00 AM, but until then, it's perfectly fine with them if we prop the doors open. So when you you arrive early in the morning, head for the glass doors, which should be handily propped open. After you walk through the door, make sure it stays propped open so the rest of your class can come in and work out as well.

When you enter the gym, make sure you close the door behind you. In addition to cutting down on the noise complaints from our neighbors, it will keep our gym warmer. Especially now that one of those hallway doors is going to be propped open.

When you leave, you'll be leaving the same way as you came in: through the door by the bathrooms, down the hall, and out the glass doors. I know a lot of you have the motor skills to unlock the metal door and walk out. DO NOT DO THIS. If you forget and push the door and discover it's locked, turn around and go the other way.

Also, a reminder about the cubbies. Do not leave anything valuable in plain sight. Remember that we're not the only people in this building and, while you can trust your fellow CrossFitters, you can't trust the other people. If you have anything of value, keep it hidden, preferably in a cubby far from the door.

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