Midweek Updates!

Now that the holiday's over and a new Athlete of the Month has been crowned, it's time to get a little bit of blog housework out of the way.

First up, Thursday saw the graduation of a new set of On-Rampers, two of whom have already discovered the joys of a Labor Day partner WOD. Introduce yourselves when you see them, and let the hazing begin!

Andrea, Gina, Naaz, Majeda, Lindsay, and Laura

Speaking of On-Ramp, if you or a friend have been dying to get started at CFNH, today's your lucky day! We still have slots available for tonight's 5:30PM On-Ramp series! So click on “Getting Started at the top of the page, then “On-Ramp” to find out how exactly to sign up. If you can't make that work, show up around 5:15 tonight and we'll get you squared away with paperwork.

Third, the CFNH Adventure Club went paddleboarding on Sunday, and a good time was had by all, and a great time had by one or two. Keep an eye on the blog for the next Adventure Club outing and contact me or any of the other Adventure Club members to get added into the Facebook group.

All travelling in an orderly line. Sort of.

Speaking of Adventure, two of our members embarked on the greatest adventure of all: marriage! Congratulations to Dev & Leah who got married on Sunday and can finally get back to concentrating on what's important in life: CrossFit.

Taken just before Leah dropped the bouquet Drumline-style

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