Paddles and Meat

First up, paddleboarding! The CFNH Adventure Club is going paddleboarding this Sunday in Wesport (see this link for more information). Everyone will be meeting in the CFNH parking lot at 10:00 AM sharp, so come on down and get paddled paddling! Cost is $20 per hour and the Club is planning on arriving there around 11:00, if you're antisocial and/or already in Westport for some reason.

Next, info on the next meatshare, spearheaded by Trish. Here's the info straight from her:

Beef Share Update:

We will get another beef delivery on Sept 8.  This will be approximately 135 lbs of beef. There is room on this if someone wants 5 or 10 lbs.  If you want in, please email  We will do another order in October for those that want in on the next round. Price is $37.50 per 5 lb pack ($7.50 per lb). 

Pig Share!

In addition, we have ordered half a pig!  This order will be available on/around Sept 22.  (Froning @ Triton/Wallingford  day, for those checking their calendars).  The pork will be a total of approx. 80 lbs.  It will consist of fresh and smoked meats.   Price is $5 per lb and we'll do this in 5-lb packs like the beef share. Cuts include:
1 tenderloin
2pkg        pork loin/chops (2/pk)
8 pkg        center cut pork chops (2/pk)
2 pkg        rib chops (2/pk)
2 pkg        spare ribs
2 pkg        country style boneless ribs
4-5 pkg         mixed cuts including shoulder roasts
8 pkg        bulk breakfast sausage (1 lb each)
8 pkg        ground pork (1 lb each)
pigs feet/split, neck bones, fatback and lard

8 pkg        bacon, thick cut (1 lb pack)
3 hams
1 top round roast
1 bottom round roast
1 pk sirloin tips
2 hocks

There are NO PRESERVATIVES in the meats. It comes frozen and if you thaw it, use it or lose it within 10 days.

How the meatshares work:  We get charged a flat fee per lb by Four Mile River Farm.  This covers the premium cuts, standard cuts and ground meat. It also includes the marrow bones and pet bones, neck bones and organs, which we generally tumble into a pile and let people pick what they want from it as a bonus.  Not everyone wants these cuts and we do absorb the cost of them in the total charged for the bulk order, so the small bump in price is designed to cover overage in the order (more meat to you) and the bones and other extras.  We appreciate you all contributing to the meat share and assure you that any leftover $$ will be donated on behalf of the gym to the local food bank. 

Thank you for participating! We're hoping to make the meat share a monthly event at CFNH so we can keep all our friends stocked with healthy, locally-sourced grass-fed meats.  Stay tuned for October's offerings!  Suggestions welcome – are there other meats you'd like to see in the meat share?  Let me know!  Email

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