Reminder Day!

Time to remind you of a couple of schedule changes and the upcoming holiday schedule, since we're getting closer to both a cancelled class and the aforementioned holiday.

Olympic Lifting Class is now three days a week, those days being Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 10:00 AM.

We are dropping the Friday 7:30PM class off the schedule. All other 7:30PM classes remain the same, it's only Fridays that are going the way of the dodo.

On Labor Day (9/3) the gym will only be open for one WOD at 9:00AM. All other classes will be cancelled, including On-Ramps.

In addition, I'll also mention that our next upcoming On-Ramp (a 5:30 PM session beginning on 9/5 due to Labor Day) still has plenty of spots available! Tell all of your friends who have been enviously eyeing your bulging muscles and decreasing waistline. Click on the Getting Started link above and select “On-Ramp” to get registered and come in and get your (or their) CrossFit on!

Lastly, we're entering Mark Samburg's last week as a New Havenite before he joins Taylor and KC down in DC (KC. DC. I just now got that). If you missed the comments section yesterday, Mike Fenton will be taking him to the Cask Republic tonight (Thursday that is, depending on when you're reading this) at approximately 8pm for a going away drinkathon and all are invited. If you go, make sure the first word you say to Mark is “Boobs.” He'll appreciate it by the third or fourth time.

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