Congratulations, Dags and Kids

Thursday was a red letter day. Or a red shirt day, as the case may be. John D'Agostino is officially a coach now!

Coach Kristen makes sure you know which is which

Dags has traveled the same long hard road to being coach that all of your coaches have, from the rigorous internship with Jay Leydon, spending a lot of free time over at CrossFit Milford learning how to coach and watch out for errors in form that need correcting, to shelling out a lot of money for various certifications to learn even more skills to teach our CFNH members. Dags has been coaching various classes at CFNH in intern mode, ostensibly another coach, for awhile now, but now he's officially offical. Congratulations Coach!

We also have some new CrossFit graduates to mention, though you probably won't be seeing them in class anytime soon. Thursday marked the last day of our first CrossFit Kids summer session! Expect to see more info soon about the next session and all of the following sessions, since this one was a major success. Congratulations, Kids!

Left to right: Marla, Whitney, Maddie, Bella, Marcus, Carla, Evan, Jack and Eddie

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