Event Recruitment Opportunities.  Calling all CFNH Members


We have had our Events page posted since January with all the fun stuff we had planned after the CF Opens were through.  Well, the time has come to dust off your calendars and consider joining in on one of our upcoming CFNHE Team events.  The calendar is chocked full (of nuts too) with oodles of stuff that might be of interest to you.  Consider these two, which we are currently recruiting for:

Calling all you TOUGH MUDDERS

Mike Fenton is leading the pack on the CFNH road trip for July 14, 2012 to Mt. Snow Vermont.  Details are linked here.  This is a great race to train.  ANYONE who is is a member of the gym can FINISH this race.  It's a 10-12 mile obstacle course run through the beautiful VT ski resort.  I can tell you from previous mud runs, that this doesn't dissapoint.  From rope walls to bear crawls, this is what CrossFit trains you for.  Everyone from our gym says they were ready for action when their Tough Mudder race day came.  Ask Mike or Coach Carla for Team deets.


Melissa Simone is giving a big shout out to all CFNHE and CFNH members who would like to run with the team.  We have about 5 or 6 members.  We need 6 more.  If you have done a Ragnar Relay then you know what this is all about.  200 miles from Wachusett Mtn to Westport Beach.  We are recruiting for a 12 member team (2 vans, 6 in each van) to run 3 -legs.  No more than 15-20 miles total.  It's a 24 hr race of your life.  This is no challenge to anyone in the gym, you are all race ready already.  The challenge of this race is running without a lot of sleep.  Good times ahead for all who participate.  Details are linked here.  See Melissa or email carla@crossfitnewhaven.com.  We need to get this locked in by Sunday April 1st when the registration ends. 

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