12.5 from Aaron, Part 2

Our technical issues are under control, and we have a disk full of photos to post. Yes! That means I also have a bunch of party photos to post too! YES! Now that they're in my greedy little hands, the bidding to keep them off the site has just gotten more serious! Of course, the bidding depends on photo content. So Alison, your bidding starts at $1. Dags, you start at $25. Whitney, $2000. Awwww yeah… And just to make everyone more nervous (and give people time to get to the ATM, they're getting posted tomorrow! In the meantime, here are some more photos from 12.5. Be sure and check out our Facebook page for more!


And THAT is a chest-to-bar. POW!

Best Hair of 12.5 goes to Carla this week. Glorious!

Seriously, look at that hair.

The best part of the day? Watching Andrew try to shoulder press the entire building. We'll miss you, G!

C'mon guys, my elbows are giving out here. HELP!


Eeeeeewwwwww! Mental note: ketchup packets are not a good substitute for athletic tape.

Did he post this because it's a rare shot of CJ or because of the butts? Historians will ponder that for years.


Ahhh… it's over!

“Wait, what?! That's it? It's over?”

Just look how proud CJ is. And to think, this isn't a party picture. Tune in tomorrow!


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