12.5 from Aaron, Part 1

So yesterday Caitlyn handed me a secret USB thumbdrive. Contained on this thumbdrive are two folder of photos. The first folder contains images from 12.5, the last WOD of the 2012 CrossFit Open. The second folder? Photos from the after-WOD party. Interestingly enough, all of the party photos are 0kb files. Drunken photo editing, or elaborate conspiracy? Sadly, the conspirator (or conspirators) (or alcohol) also did the same to a lot of the 12.5 photos, so here's a first batch until I can get with Aaron and get more photos.

That does also mean that there's still time to bribe Aaron to make sure there's another… “accident.” Bid early, bid often.

The Whole Famn Damily

The World Famous Wattses!

Coach Frank, apparently demonstrating the “Eeeeeuuuuggghhhooohhhmyknees!”

Annie & Clyde and a roll of tape. There's no way this can end well.

Want to know why all your coaches seem so tired? Look at Frank's face. We're working HARD out there for you guys!

“Hey. Did anyone drop a quarter?”

Everybody was kung fu fighting…

Shan gets her chest-to-bars DOWN!

Stay tuned for more!

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