Open Over, Newbies, and FAME!

Quite a few things to write about today. First up, we have a new group of On-Rampers flooding into the classes. Another great batch of folks I'm proud to call CFNH athletes. When you see them, introduce yourself. When you see Scott, feel free to make him do burpees – he loves 'em!

Clockwise from top-left: Courtney, Philip, James, Scott, Mike, Annie, Sal, DiDi, MaryKate

Next up, we're in the CrossFit Journal again and this time, it's me. Most of you know at least something about my Cancer Years and/or my path to being a coach. Here's a video that summarizes a lot of my road here (though it leaves out the part where I quit my job and we ditched our belongings to be 100% CrossFit as well as the part where I gave the secret to how I got to where I am I and how I made it through cancer in the first place: Barb.) Head on over to the CrossFit Journal and give it a watch – it's free!

Lastly, Saturday was the last WOD of the CrossFit Open, so that means we have the first of a large batch of photos to say funny things about.

“Raise your hand if you want me to point at you.”

Getting the job done, 12.5 style

Andrea hung like this for a good minute before we remembered that superglue on her hands.

“No, really. You've only done one chest-to-bar. The rest of the time, you've been like this.”

“I think my arms are stuck in the air here, guys. A little help?”

“Look out Charlie! The killer is RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!”

Hot chick on the bar, hot mess approaching the bar.

“Seriously, guys. Don't just leave me like this.”

I'll let you guess if this was before or after the WOD.

Christian is stunned by Aaron's awesomeness.

Look at those pointed toes. You know she's already thinking about Ballet Sunday.

And in the middle of the WOD, the aliens abducted Evan.

Dead. Hang. Chest-to-Bars. All of them. I would say here what I thought when I saw Erin doing this, but it's a family blog. You're a badass, Erin!


You know that feeling, when you suddenly realize you don't recall the last seven minutes of your life.

The best thing about pull-up workouts is, the athletes stay in a nice orderly line when they fall off the bar at the end.

Not sure what happened, because when I got too close, Charlie said he'd have my badge if I messed up the crime scene.

You know what they say in sports: It ain't over until the skinny lady humps.

The aftermath.

Finally, Barb's shirt can be retired and lifted to the rafters.


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