Get Your Slippers Ready!

First, awesome work yesterday everyone! There were a lot of PRs set, both in general (all the folks who got their first chest-to-bar) and in particular since we did this workout last year too. Nice work all around!
Second, if you were one of the competitors, GET YOUR SCORE IN RIGHT NOW!

Last, don't forget – Coach Carla's ballet class is today (Sunday) from 10:30AM-11:30AM. We were a little worried about how it would affect the aura of the gym, but we should be safe since thankfully Eric & Fenton's little 300-style wrestling match before 12.5 liberally sprayed machismo around the gym.

So go do the WOD at 9:00, do some ballet at 10:30, go eat something and come back for some Dagsdurance at 2:00. It's a full Sunday of fun!

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