It’s Game Day!

Here's the rundown for tomorrow and all the joy that follows.

9:00AM: Regular class. Bring your A game, 'cause you're doing the competition WOD again, or some form of it. You'll probably want to stick around afterwards for…

10:30AM: The last round of the Open begins! Make sure you show up early as usual to get all warmed up and ready. If you're not working out, stick around to cheer and/or judge. We can always use a lot of both.

Once it's all over: It's off to the Leber's house for a post-Open party. No better way to finish off the Open than with some refreshments and lunacy. Everyone's invited, so it's a great time for all you new folk to meet the old folk, morning folk to meet the afternoon folk, and everyone to just have a damn good time. Their address is on the whiteboard, but I believe most people will be heading over there from the gym, so there will be directions to be given and rides to be had. Check the comments here too, because if I'm wrong, Molly will correct me there, right Molly?Lastly, one more excellent video with the most cogent tips and strategy for this WOD yet. There's a lot of valuable information here, so get your pen and paper ready.

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