The Look of Burpees

Here are some photos from this past weekend's 12.1 WOD of the CrossFit Games Open. The photos are for the folks who haven't become a fan of our Facebook page yet (and why haven't you?). The words are for people who don't live inside my head. Many thanks to CJ for all the sweet photos!

Open the door, get on the floor…

Frank is hearing the voices again

That calm that settles over you before the 321GO, demonstrated by ZenBen.

Work. Getting. Done.

“If I make out with you for a little while, will you stop hurting me?”

Molly showing that even the differently-abled can advance in the Open – all it takes is one rep!

“You should probably do more burpees now!”

Maybe if you hold your breath, they'll stop making you do burpees.

Who could this be, burpeeing in a big puddle of chalk?

“Hurry and take the picture – I need to get back to doing burpees!”

Gym leader and currently 42nd in the Northeast Region, Andrea Cuff. She burns through burpees like they were parchment paper!

I think we all know this feeling. This is Aaron after he looked at the Games site Wednesday night.


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