The Unknown

We're going all the way back to Friday's WOD for this one. For the many people who weren't there, part of the workout was a thruster ladder, where you started at 95/65 and added 10# every minute until failure. Thanks to this, I heard the most astounding thing.

“But I've never lifted this much before.”

Those weren't the words of someone who just got their PR. That was a repeated sentiment of unease I heard through the course of the day. I'd walk up to someone nervously standing above the bar and hear that. Like it was a reason to not try. To not succeed.

Think back to those long-gone pre-CrossFit days. How heavy was your thruster before you started CrossFit? That's right – you had no idea what a thruster was. Check that. You had no idea what a CrossFit thruster was. And yet, there you were, doing them.

This is what CrossFit's about: doing things you've never done before. Most people think of this in grand terms, like parachuting or streaking across the quad. It's even baser than that. If your current PR is a hundred pounds and you lift 105, you've just done something you've never done before. That's the way this stuff works. Living life in broad strokes is great, but you need to revel in the small steps too.

Every day, when you step into the box, you're stepping into the unknown. Yeah, you know what a deadlift is now, but you don't know what these deadlifts are going to bring you. When it's over, you'll know. And that's one more unknown crossed off the list.

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