12.2 Check!  Paleo Challenge Check!  Yoga Check!

Yoga Series #2  – Sunday @ 10:30 AM.

Come stretch out from the 7 minutes of HELL yesterday and join class, even if you didn't come last week.  Bring your mat and a brick.


Coach Barbie to Andrea “This is how you will get 114 burpess. Eat your eggs now!”


….JACKIE….The Redux

The Paleo Challenge is over!  It was an eye opening experience for a lot of us to have to 'zone' paleo.  Many switched back to regular paleo.  Many ate more vegetables (and used more toilet paper) than they care to remember.  Some joined the paleo ranks for the first time and saw positive results.  I look around the room and see loads of changes in your bodies, especially from our newest members.  Don't stop what you're doing.  If you fall off the wagon, get back on it.  Your results in the wod's are a great indicator of further progression in your nutrition.  Endurance Class is doing JACKIE at 2PM tomorrow.  Come see what your difference is from 4 weeks ago.  If you can't be there for 2PM, try to repeat Jackie ASAP to compare what you did in January.

Sat 12.2 RECAP

Team CFNH “Getting Prepped by Coach E”

Saturday morning, 43 athletes came to do 7 minutes of burpees and enter the CF Games.  Coach E and I cannot be more pleased with our turnout and watching all that amazing intensity and camaraderie from each and every member.  If you haven't yet signed up for the team, and felt that great energy too in the gym, well then sign up.  You have until tomorrow to get registered (click HERE now).   The CFNH leaderboard was impressive.  So far, our top guy is Matt Clyde with 106 reps and Andrea Cuff ran off with 114!

12.1…The Results.

By Tuesday night, we will be ranked with all the other gyms in the land of CrossFit.  Your scores DO NOT hurt the team; they only HELP.  We need every rep we can get.  Pull that trigger and register (9:00 AM, Heat #1, you know you are!) and we'll see you all back at the gym next Saturday at 10:30am (Schedule Note:  12.2 Game WOD is after the 9am class going forward).

I must commend you all for pushing your outer limits.  No one stopped, no one puked, and everyone had a spectacular result.  Now, relax until Wednesday when 12.2 is announced.  Manage your sleep, eating, wod's for the week.  Plan it all out, so you are fresh and ready to go next Saturday morning.  Again, if you cannot make Saturday morning, there are some slots available by the CFNH coaches to be validated on Thursday ONLY.  Please email carla@crossfitnewhaven.com if you need special arrangements.

THANK YOU to our CFNH COACHES:I have to stop and pause and thank Coaches Kristen, Ryan, Brian, Frank & Interns Evan, KC and D'Ags for helping this week get ready and judge all our athletes  (So, along goes a special thanks to spouses Barb, CJ and Seth too).  Coaches do this for the love of you and our sport.  They step up to offer assistance and take time out of their personal schedules during these weeks. It is an enormous undertaking to prep and plan the CF Opens for the gym.   Our coaches are athletes too and they are working their way to their PR's, along side you.  Cheer them on, they need support just like you!  Without them, you wouldn't be as AWESOME as you are.

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