The Barbell Knows

Attention Open Competitors

If you can't make the scheduled Saturday Open WOD, you must talk to a coach about doing the make-up WOD. There will only be one make-up WOD available each week as we need to make sure we have enough judges and level 1 certified folks on hand.

The Shadow may know what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but the barbell knows what you really need. You might think your parents know you, or your siblings, or your significant other. They don't know you the way the bar knows you. All of those people (probably) love you. If you're hurting, they want to comfort you. They want to shelter you from all the bad that happens in the world.

But that's not what you need. You need the pain to grow. You need the bad to become good. You need the worse to become great.

The barbell knows this.

You're at the bottom of your squat, wishing the weight was lighter. Wishing someone would help. Waiting for someone to tell you to just stop already and go have some ice cream. It's what you want more than anything in the world. But it's not what you need.

The barbell knows this.

The barbell knows what is going to make you stronger, make you better. It knows that when it crashes into your shoulders, you'll learn to adjust your catch in the clean. It knows when it weighs down your back you're going to build up those leg muscles. It knows that when it sits on the ground and refuses to budge one stinking inch, you'll find a way to make it rise in front of you time after time after time and become that much more you with every lift.

The barbell knows this.

Respect the barbell, because it respects you. It shows its respect through the toughest of tough love because what's best for you is rarely what's easiest for you.

The barbell knows this.

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