Holiday Schedule & Announcements

This Sunday, 12/25, there will be no 9:00AM or 2:00PM classes 'cause, you know, it's Christmas Day and all. Classes for the rest of Christmas weekend will stay the same.

On 12/27, there will be no Endurance Class. January & February will have a date change which is still TBA.

Next Sunday, New Year's Day, there will be no 9:00AM or 2:00PM classes, but there WILL be a Hangover WOD at noon that day.

ATTENTION Competitor WOD athletes: In addition to today's WOD, the next two Wednesdays will also have an AM swimming WOD. Plan accordingly.

Lastly, if you've posted a comment on one of the posts and wondered why it hasn't shown up immediately, that's because we've set commenting up to be moderated for now until we get an anti-spam commenting solution set up. Part of the old site's malware infection included a deluge of spam commenting, so we're keeping a reign on the new site's commenting until we get Askismet set up to handle the spam automatically. For now, once you have one approved comment, your comments will go up immediately, assuming you use the same email address.

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